In the name of of Allah the Merciful


To my son and daughter, to the children and youth of the good wounded land, to the comrades of the struggle and the comrades of the same trench, to the fighters in every inch of the mother earth, to the comrades-in-arms in the coast, the north, the center, the west, and in Dankalia, the east, and the highlands, to each of He took up arms and was martyred, to everyone who bears arms now for the sake of his survival and the survival of his nation.

Here are these memoirs, memoirs of those who, like all comrades, carried the concerns of our land and people, memoirs of a fighter like all the militants who fought with them, advanced and withdrew with them, carried the bomb and Kalashnikovs with them, stayed with them in the open for the sake of human freedom, and the Eritrean homeland was stolen. We did it wrong? Or did we get hurt? If we made a mistake, correct what we did wrong, and if we were right, this is our goal.

Long live the struggle of the Eritrean people

Written by / Idris Hengla

Biography of the fighter Idris Ibrahim Hengla

■ He was born in Halhul in 1946 AD.
■ He joined Halhal Primary School in 1958.
■ He moved to Karen to study from 1961 AD – 1964 AD.
■ He joined early in the secret political activity of the Eritrean Liberation Front, since 1963.
■ At the end of the year 1966, he joined the ranks of the Liberation Army.
■ In 1968 he received a military, political and administrative course in Syria.
■ In 1970, he was appointed as a gang official in Administrative Unit No. four.
■ In 1976, he was sent on a military course for the second time to Syria to obtain an advanced military training and graduated with the rank of lieutenant in the Special Forces at the Palestinian Infantry College. He also received courses in security and the Thunderbolt.
■ Appointed deputy commander of Battalion 107.
■ Appointed commander of Battalion 378.
■ Appointed as a military delegate for Administrative Unit No. 8 on 10/13/1977 AD.
■ With the formation of the brigades in 1978, he assumed the duties of the administrative affairs officer in the 69th Brigade, then was assigned the duties of the Deputy Commander of the 69th Brigade.
■ In July 1980, he was transferred to the command of the 19th Brigade, heavy weapons.
■ At the third general conference, he was chosen as a member of the Revolutionary Council, member of the General Staff, and deputy head of the security and intelligence service of the Eritrean Liberation Front.
■ He also served in the Unified Organization as Deputy Head of the Revolution Security Service and a member of the Preparatory Committee for the First National Conference.
■ The sinful hands attacked him after being unable to confront him in the field, so she betrayed him in front of his house in Kassala on September 20, 1985 AD.